On Denim

I feel like there needs to be a song dedicated to the awesomeness of denim and whoever invented it - probably a black mother who was sick of doing the laundry (I seriously think so!) The song needs to be an R&B style song with so many runs, featuring Keith Sweat (whoooo can love you … Continue reading On Denim

On Jumpsuits

I'm grateful for a lot of things in my life - family, love, blonde hazelnut lattes, shoes with the perfect platform to heel ratio, jumpsuits...man, jumpsuits! The answer to every lazy fashion girl's prayer. The fashion gods' solution to days when you really need to look great, but don't have the energy required to rummage … Continue reading On Jumpsuits

On Date Nights and Slip Dresses

I believe wholeheartedly in the power of a good entrance, in a drop-dead outfit - Yes, I'm that girl. I mean, it makes sense that I'm that girl, I make an effort with what I wear, my payoff is the inevitable "oooh" when I walk into a room. Fun fact: I don't advocate lateness to … Continue reading On Date Nights and Slip Dresses

On Wonderful Tailoring

Update: The pants are sold out at Nordstrom (sad face!) BUT, I did some sleuthing for the ladies who asked, and found them online (and they're on sale!) For those in Canada click here to shop the pants at The Bay. For those in The States, I got you too boo, click here to shop … Continue reading On Wonderful Tailoring

On Loving Yourself

It's MAY! Summer is around the corner, woohoo! Are you ready for the slay? Because I was born ready. Yusssss! LOL. I have no anecdotes or cute stories to tell about this outfit. The only thing I have to say is that it made me feel wonderful. You can tell too! Look at me revel … Continue reading On Loving Yourself

On Headwraps and Blue Jeans

As a proper Igbo girl, I've always had a thing for a perfectly executed headwrap. Whether it's a simple turban or a complicated double-decker style worn by a full-bosomed Igbo woman, the headwrap or ichafu as we call it, has always been a huge part of Igbo tradition. Any event that calls for dressing up, would see … Continue reading On Headwraps and Blue Jeans

On Shopping While Petite

Full disclosure: This is a rant. You have been warned. I used to love shopping. Walking in and out of stores all day, trying on clothes, falling in love with adorable things, I could do that all day. This was adorable back when my style was super teeny bopper and Forever 21 was my mecca. … Continue reading On Shopping While Petite

Things I covet – The Tibi Dress

  Tibi Floral Gothic Dress So, I went to Nordstrom. After months of having the store literally next door to me in Toronto, I finally found the time to stroll in this weekend and take a look. And. I. Loved it! I fell in love with a colossal mannequin they had on display by the … Continue reading Things I covet – The Tibi Dress

On Borrowing Fashion

I love my fashion old. Whether I'm digging furiously through thrift store racks for the coolest finds, or watching an old movie on Turner Classic/Netflix, old fashion is my fashion of choice. There's so much inspiration to be gleaned from all the decades past -except the 2000's, let's never do that again please? In any … Continue reading On Borrowing Fashion

On why you should curate your wardrobe.

Let me start by saying that a carefully curated wardrobe is a LOT of hassle. It really is, especially in this age of fast fashion when nothing is made to last and it is an absolute pain to find wardrobe items that won't be thrown out in a year. I mean you could, but you'd … Continue reading On why you should curate your wardrobe.